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BEmpower Women, Nancy Rivera's organization, is recognized internationally!

Nancy Rivera, Union Church's Administrative Assistant, is also the head of an organization to promote opportunity and justice for women, BEmpower Women. Nancy's organization has just been recognized by an international organization for women's advancement, Global Count. If you would like to talk to Nancy to learn more about this work, you are welcome to contact her at the church office. The following is Nancy's press release about this recognition:

This Year, BEmpower Women is part of the Global Count organization. The Global Count is a poll that will set the foundation for women to define how global institutions should work towards gender equity. This is an opportunity to give women and gender nonconforming people around the world a chance to have their voices heard and their experiences counted. This is a chance to present global and national decision-makers with a real picture of the most urgent reforms that are needed. It’s time women define what is needed in the critical push for women’s equity globally. It’s our world and our voice! Please visit globalcount.org to Be Counted Now and SHARE with other individuals and groups committed to global gender equity.


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