New Testament Readings for the Month

August 28-September 3: 2 Timothy September 4-10: Titus, Philemon September 11-17: Hebrews 1-4 September 18-24: Hebrews 5-7

Dear friends—do you have a desire to read the New Testament for the first time, or to read it again? Here’s your chance!

In the next two years, 2021-22, Union Church members and friends are invited to better know the story of God’s love and salvation and of our discipleship with Jesus Christ. Please join us in committing just a few minutes each week to read the entire New Testament over the next two years.

Normally, people read 7 chapters a week to read the whole New Testament in a year. But with this plan, you only will read 1-3 chapters per week. This is a Bible reading plan for busy people!

So please do sign up by emailing to join us in reading the New Testament in 2021-22. We ask you to sign up to make your commitment public, so it will help you to follow through on your good intentions. And, we are giving prizes to those who participate!

God bless you, dear friends…let us grow together in Christ by reading and knowing God’s good news through reading the Bible!

Pastor Marc Miller+