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Resources for Christian Living Bible Study

Resources for Christian Living Bible Study, current topic:

"The Book of Revelation: A Book of Hope"


7PM via Zoom

Session: January 4 - February 15

Next session would start February 29

Contact us to join the virtual bible study!

Landline + WhatsApp: 787-726-0280

Past topics:

  • "Testimonies"

  • "Corinthians: A Good Congregation with 'Issues'"

  • "The Shack" by William P Young

  • The Bible and Persons Who Are LGBTQ+

  • Reading the Bible Regularly

  • The Birth of Jesus the Messiah Took Place in This Way

  • The Apocrypha and Other Writings

  • God, Race, and Culture in the Bible

  • Cherishing the Psalms

  • The BIG QUESTIONS of the Christian Faith

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