• Pastor Marc Miller

What Do We Do with What We Have?

Dear friends, we know this: God is good! God provides everything we need! Everything we have is a gift from God.

But that leads to a question: what do we do with what we have? 

This year, as Union Church receives the financial commitments of our members, that will be the theme of our commitments. This theme is based on the key scripture, Matthew 25:14-30, the story of the three servants. Two of them use all they have been given faithfully, while one of them fails to do anything with what God gave him.

To help us think more about God's generosity and our response, we are going to be hearing from three of our friends at UCSJ during worship the next three weeks:

October 25, Luis Guevara: What do we do with our time?

November 1, Debbie Rivera: What do we do with our spiritual gifts?

November 8, Marion Wennerholm: What do we do with our money?

On Sunday, November 15, all UC members will be asked to give their financial commitment for 2021. As you make your response, think of all God has given you, think of Matthew 25:14-30, and then let us each ask ourselves: what do we do with what we have? May God help us each to answer that question faithfully.

Pastor Marc Miller+

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