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CLICK HERE for important information and contacts for the pandemic.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the survey we will be conducting at the church entrance at re-opening.

It is a time for us to sacrifice some personal liberties for the sake of protecting the body of Christ. You can read here the official protocol that has been prepared to help us reopen safely:

1. Reservation is required either by filling out the form on this page or by calling or emailing the church. Transportation services are still not available at this moment.

2. If you have been traveling, please quarantine for 14 days before visiting us for Sunday Worship.

3. The use of Face masks is mandatory while within church premises and a minimum distance of 6 feet must be kept at all times from those that are not attending with you.

4. The gates of the building will open at 10:00AM. If you arrive earlier, you must wait in your car or outside.

6. There is a system to enter and exit the sanctuary. If you come with other family members you will be seated together, at least six feet distant from other worshipers. Children will remain with their parents at all times.  You must remain in your assigned seat for all the duration of the service. At the end of the service you will exit as instructed.

5. Attendees MUST have their temperature taken. If your temperature is higher than 100.4˚F or 38˚C, you won’t be allowed to enter the Sanctuary; you MUST use hand sanitizer at the “Shalom Table” (the Reception table just inside the front gate), and complete a COVID-19 safety survey.

7. If you need to use the restrooms, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and use the paper towel to open the doors that you encounter on your way back to the pews. Please inform an usher or the maintenance staff for proper sanitation after use.

8. There will be no congregational singing since this has been found to facilitate the spread of the virus.

9. There will be no Hospitality Table or Fellowship Time after worship. Everyone must exit the church premises at the end of the service.

Please stay home and contact your doctor if: you have symptoms associated with COVID-19, if you have been in contact with someone with these associated symptoms, if you have traveled during the past two weeks, or have been in contact with anyone traveling. 


If you don’t want to follow this protocol then please wait until the pandemic subsides before you return to our face to face worship. You can still participate via Facebook live (


We will “fulfill the law of Christ” by sacrificing our own liberties for the sake of protecting our sisters and brothers in Christ at Union Church.  - Pastor Marc Miller