world day of prayer

March 5, 2021

24 Hour Prayer Vigil | 30 minute time slots

This year, the people of Vanuatu call us to worship and prayer with the words, “Build on a strong foundation,” inspired by Matthew 7:24-27.  Vanuatu is a double chain of 13 principal and many smaller islands in the south-western Pacific Ocean. The islands are volcanic and coral in origin. They lie about 800 kilometers west of Fiji and nearly 1800 kilometers east of Australia.


Our hosts this year, from Vanuatu are asking us to join them in prayer along with Christians from all over the world for 24 hours.  Union Church of San Juan will be a part of this event.  It’s a time for us to reflect on God’s graciousness and goodness as well as our own concerns locally as each person dedicates 30 minutes during this day.

The event will begin at 12:00 am on March 5, 2021 and end on the same day at midnight.  There are 48, 30-minute slots.  Night owls are welcome!  Please join us on this day.  Sign up by calling the Church office at 787-726-0280 or signing up below!

This event is sponsored by the “Growing Spiritually in Christ” working group.

World Day of Prayer - UCSJ

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