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UCSJ is a FEMA Micro-Hub

Yes, UCSJ is a FEMA Micro-Hub! That is, we will the community’s to “go-to” place in the event of an emergency – not just for hurricanes but also for other natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis or earthquakes.


As a Micro-Hub, FEMA will provide us with non-perishables, including water, and other essential items for distribution in an emergency. In addition to being a distribution center, and given that we have a large generator, we will be able to provide a place where folks can gather to charge their phones, enjoy an air conditioned facility, have a hot cup of coffee and mostly, to find comfort, compassion and love.


The Emergency Response Team determined that in an emergency Memorial Hall would be open Monday to Friday from 9am to 12 noon. 


If you are wondering how you might contribute in the event of an emergency.

1-   You can spread the word the UCSJ is a FEMA Micro-hub in this community.

2-   You can sign up to volunteer to be present to help with distributions and support. Sign up sheet in the patio.

3-   Please fill out an information card with an emergency contact person. If you have more than one person you would like to list, please use the backside of the card.

4-   Finally, we can all pray that PR not suffer a major natural disaster and if we do, pray that we will fulfill our responsibility as a Micro-Hub efficiently and lovingly.



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