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RIP Alan T. Udall

Alan Taylor Udall Cranmer

May 5, 1941 - April 22, 2022

Alan was born on May 5, 1941, and raised lovingly as a single child in Ithaca, upstate New York. His high intelligence opened the doors to the best universities such as Stanford and then Yale where Alan completed a Doctoral degree in Economics. Alan came to Puerto Rico in the late 1970’s and began attending The Union Church of San Juan. Unlike many others coming from the mainland, Alan decided to learn the native language of the Island and started taking Spanish lessons with a lady he met at Church, Angie Caforus. In 1978 his life took an unexpected turn when Angie introduced him to a very good friend of hers, Felicita Lozano. Alan hit it off right away with Felicita, better known by her nickname, Lita, and on July 16, 1983, they got married at the Carolina Baptist Church. Alan had two children from a previous marriage, Anna and John; Lita had three children from her first marriage, David, Lizzette and Juan Ramon Hernandez.

Alan was a long-time member of The Union Church of San Juan, one of our great pillars upon whom the Church was sustained. He became a member in 1979 and started working in various committees until he was elected to occupy the position of Budget & Finance Chair in 1985. Since then, he had been actively involved in the Church’s finances, occupying the position of Treasurer or the position of Budget & Finance Chair year after year. Not only was he competent and smart business wise but Alan was an exceptional human being, a loving husband and a loyal friend.

If I had to describe Alan in just a few words, these would be the ones that would come first into my mind: “Alan was a sweet guy, soft-spoken, kind-hearted, low key and humble (in spite of his God-given intelligence and wisdom), unafraid of speaking out in favor of unpopular positions (if he knew they were right and just), a defender of the truth, able to maintain a calm and poised attitude even in the midst of heated arguments; always wearing a gentle smile on his face. Alan projected a peace that can only come from having the Holy Spirit in his heart. He was a faithful man to his family, to his Church and to Jesus Christ, his Lord and Savior.

Although he is now enjoying the eternal peace of the heavenly realms, and not in need of prayers any more, he leaves behind and unfillable void, not only at Union church but mostly in the hearts of those whose lives he touched…. HE WILL BE MISSED!

Sonia Lopez Tristani

May 12, 2022


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