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The Thrift Boutique

The Thrift Boutique is now open!

The Thrift Boutique opens most Sundays 11:30AM - 12:30PM and some Tuesdays 10AM - 12PM. Please, return to this page for updated opening dates every month!

Accepted donation payment methods:


The Thrift Boutique is run by The Union Church of San Juan. You can find clothing and accessories for a fraction of the original price! The money made through The Thrift Boutique helps fund Union Church's mission partners and ministries.

To donate: Drop-off donations of clothing, shoes and accessories at The Union Church office during office hours. Calling ahead is recommended.


The Thrift Boutique is located inside The Union Church of San Juan.
For information call or WhatsApp the UCSJ office 787-726-0280 or email

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