The Thrift Boutique

The Thrift Boutique is now open!

The Thrift Boutique opens 11:30AM to 12:30PM on Sundays, except the first Sunday of the month. Please, return to this page for updated opening dates!

Upcoming opening dates:

  • Sunday, July 10

  • Sunday, July 17

  • Sunday, July 24

  • Sunday, July 31

Visitors must follow UCSJ's COVID-19 protocol (wear masks, hand sanitizer, etc).

The Thrift Boutique is run by The Union Church of San Juan. You can find clothing and accessories for a fraction of the original price! The money made through The Thrift Boutique helps fund Union Church's mission partners and ministries.

Recent photos:

The Thrift Boutique is located inside The Union Church of San Juan.
For information call or WhatsApp the UCSJ office 787-726-0280 or email