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  • Pastor Marc Miller

Welcome Back Sunday - October 24

On Sunday, October 24, we invited everyone back to attend the worship service in person. The goal was to gather the whole congregation together again! And wow was it a success!

The key scripture for Sunday, the 24th was Jeremiah 31:7-9. After the Israelites had been captives in a foreign country, God said, "I will bring them back!" Just as God saved the Israelites from their captivity, likewise God also rebuilt our fellowship after 18 months of Covid. "I will bring them back." Amen! "Welcome Back"!

We were graced by musical performances by Ángel Carrión and Alkelis Rodríguez, the violinist Verónica Quevedo and guest cantor Christie Feliciano. We enjoyed an hour of fellowship and lunch. We were so happy to have everyone back in worship!

We also made our financial commitments for 2022. God and his church compelled no one to give, but God invited us all to respond to God's goodness with our own generosity.


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